Thrift store shopping is like a treasure hunt…chasing down a value and then the exhilaration when you catch it! Every time I go I think of my late Mama, she used to say: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Mama saw value in the littlest of things. She used old pill bottles to organize her spare change, cardboard inserts in hosiery packaging as scratch paper, and empty coffee tins to store fresh-baked cookies in the freezer. Her oatmeal cookies always had the slightest, most delicious after-taste of coffee.  Yum!

Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like Mama, I see the value in normally discarded things.

With no pretty displays to draw you in…you have to find the pretty in a thrift shop! SO you have to like to shop — and also have the time to shop. It also helps to release expectations cuz sometimes it’s slim pickings — AND sometimes you find some gems.

Thrift Store Shopping Finds

Midcentury thrift store decor
Midcentury thrift style: table for $19.99 and vase for $6.99

Being a home stager requires I keep a good variety of staging props on hand — to blend in with different home styles. And while I do love to shop retail for on-trend bargains, I’ve found some of my favorite treasures at local thrifts shops.

Thrift store shopping
Coffee table fun: wooden candle sticks for $6.99; glass votive for $2.99; glass coasters $1.99

For me, thrifting takes the delight of shopping to a whole new level: I get a high from buying a hidden gem for a steal; validation from being resourceful; and an opportunity to contribute to a good cause. Two of my favorite stores give proceeds to autism and domestic violence. Win/Win/Win!

You are never too old to go on a treasure hunt . . .