I love how my cat Max approaches good health, it’s like attending a Masterclass on Good Health Tips. He’s in no way obsessed; he just effortlessly takes good care of himself. Not only is it FUN to watch, his catlike habits provide a complete fitness model for us humans.

Good Health Tips from Max

Eat only Enough: No need for a master cleanse. When Max is hungry, he approaches his food bowl nibbles a bit and then saunters away, when he has had enough. So refined!

Throw in a Cat Stretch: When he needs a stretch, usually after he’s been laying down for a bit, Max takes the time to strrrrretch it out, realizing that being flexible feels good and is fun.

Play on a Whim: When he wants to get his ya-ya’s out, Max pounces on any toy in his path, getting in a bit of exercise. To him, exercise isn’t a “should,” it’s fun!

Take a Cat Nap: When Max needs a rest, he curls up in one of his spots and takes a catnap. Short, power naps (10-20 minutes) are an easy way for humans to freshen up as well.

Health tips from Max
Re-energize with power naps!

Cathartic Meows: When he needs to release anxiety or express himself, Max has no problem letting out a few very loud “meows.” Yet again, making the case for an occasional good scream.

Rubs and Refuge: When he wants a little attention, he comes up and rubs against me. And when he needs his alone time, he’s out of sight. He knows what he needs and when he needs it.

Max is a the master of Good Health Tips— and, he’s the master of us.

You know the saying: “You don’t own cats, they own you.”

It’s true — and being owned is great fun! But even if you’re not owned by a cat, you can still be inspired to master your own wellness.

You are never too old to be a bit catlike when it comes to your health . . .