I have a favorite pair of Jimmy Choo sandals which have yellow gold, rose gold and silver leather uppers and heels. Because I love these Jimmy Choo shoes so much and wear them all the time, they’ve started to look a bit worn.

I just couldn’t bear the thought of throwing them away. Plus, I can’t even find them online if I wanted to replace them.

Pooh! What’s a girl to do?

Jimmy Choo shoes
Save money on repairs for more Choos!

I got out my creativity hat and my Essie metallic nail polish(s) and started experimenting. I found it’s important to have the right color for the specific repair job: The metallics range from gold to yellowish-green to orange-gold. I had bought several options and put tiny drops in inconspicuous areas before going to town on the fix.

Try this simple #JimmyChoo shoe repair AND, it works for any of your metallic sandals, shoes, and perhaps even handbags. And just in time for the holidays!

Occasionally, they do need to be touched up because the Essie nail polish has a tendency to crack after a few wears. I don’t actually mind the touch-ups because they’re stretching out the life of my beloved shoes —or should I say “Choo’s!”

You are never too old to be a little creative and thrifty…

Melinda ?