Does “just eat” mean “eat more” food? Nooooo, just really pay attention to eating when you eat! Sometimes in our multi-task driven world…it’s hard to do just one thing at a time.

Growing up, I used to love reading the cereal box, while slurping down my morning cereal. And when I was a bit older, eating and watching TV went hand in hand. During some shows, like “Charlies Angels,” I’d really inhale food, especially during the exciting parts. 

As a result, I’d finish my bowl of popcorn without realizing I’d even had one kernel. And of course, wanting (and eating) more — all while wondering why my jeans kept getting tighter.

Yeesh! No fun!

Old Dog…New Mindful Tricks

So how do you become a mindful eater? Well, step one is to learn to savor your food. 

One fairly known exercise, “the raisin meditation,” involves taking 5 minutes to eat a raisin. As you’re eating, remind yourself to slow down and really taste the raisin. 

How might you apply the concept of mindful eating to the real world — while simultaneously doing another activity.

Just Eat/Just Watch

First, purposefully prepare a reasonable* portion of a snack on a plate or in a bowl. (No snacking during the doling out process either!) 

Then sit and enjoy . . . really enjoy.

Take a breath in between bites of food . . . 

And slow down. 

And chew.

And savor. 

And breathe.

And set aside the food to read or watch or (fill-in-the-blank) a bit.

And, mindfully, repeat.

It’s win/win because I get to savor my food, AND savor my book or TV program — and because I’ve paid attention while doing two things I enjoy, it’s a gratifying experience, overall. 

Just for fun, take a deep breath, take your time (even when multi-tasking), and savor and enjoy whatever you’re doing or eating…even it’s dessert first or anytime.

You are never too old to mindfully enjoy eating or anything. . .