Have you ever wanted to learn a language or spend some time brushing up on one you learned back in the day? A fun, FREE way is to sign up for Duolingo, a free online language learning app, currently offering 22 language options. Duolingo sends reminders if you haven’t completed your daily lesson and rewards “gems” when completed. Gems are spent on fun incentives, like “buying” lessons on flirting or idioms. Like most apps, you can sign up for additional paid upgrades, but I’ve used the basic program, with great results.

And if you’re competitive, you can compete in leagues!

I’ve practiced French for just five minutes a day for a little over five years and have learned more usable French than from two years of intense college study.

Learn a language at home
Learn a language at home – all you need is a mobile device!

No kidding!

My language learning secrets are simply baby steps and consistency. It’s so much fun to see progress; lessons get easier and it’s awesome to hear a French song and actually understand the lyrics. I can’t wait to plan a Paris vacation to practice speaking in person. And I’m not stopping at Paris. Next stop is Prague; I just started Czech lessons…

Learn something new just for fun.

You are never too old to learn a new language . . .


BTW, if you’re looking for at home education…learn a language. At home makes it fun and easy. Or if you’re stuck at home, it’s perfect time to Learn Spanish and beef up your resume!