Not long ago, we were at an event and the line dancing started — and I hopped in. My husband was thrilled (he was off the hook) and surprised to learn I knew how to line dance.

Whenever I hear music, most any tune, regardless of the genre, my shoulders sway and my toes tap.

I LOVE to dance — and my hubby does not. At parties or celebrations when the music starts and he sees my swaying shoulders, he runs for the exits, usually to the restroom or bar (and he’s not much of a drinker).

If I’m lucky, I can squeeze a slow dance out of him, just arms around his neck and my waist, our bodies swaying side to side (like in high school). Generally, I can snag a friend to join me in a little freestyle dancing, but I truly crave dancing with a bit more technique.

It’s like riding a bike, it all comes back!

Learn how to line dance
At home fun: Dance like no one is watching!

Just for fun, learn how to line dance. Go online, search YouTube Line Dance and one these favorite beginner line dances: The Electric Slide; The Macarena; The Hustle (even The Cowboy Hustle). It’s a great way to learn to line dancing for FREE and practice in private, before you strut your stuff within a group.

You are never too old to get in a fun group dance groove . . .