You know we love to play with color! Whether it’s monochromatic dressing (even if it’s black) or changing the color of our decorative pillows or going for a vivid, bold doors and walls. We love the “lift” you get by simply paying attention to how you use color. 

Adding more color to your life is fun!

Yeah, yeah, you might be thinking that you’ve covered all of the decorating horizons in your home and outdoors: “M&M …we have no more walls!”


Here’s a challenge: Look up! What do you see? Probably a white ceiling. Most of us forget that ceilings can actually be any color.

So if you’d like to have even more fun with color — without spending the big bucks and with just a minimal amount of effort, slap a fun color on your ceiling! And you don’t have to Michelangelo…all you need is a long ladder!

Here are a few examples in my home…

A lighter shade of apricot for the ceiling in our guest bathroom 
A soft shade of turquoise-ish blue to add pizazz to our small guest room 
A Soft sky blue painted ceiling gives the taupe exterior walls a lift around our poolside fun space.

The next time you need inspiration… Just look up and find more ways to play with color!

You are never too old to see color in all directions . . .