In 10 minutes or less, Make a Protective Face Mask. It’s stylish, easy-peasy, and can be fashioned out of things you probably already have at home.

Materials Include:

  • an old t-shirt or bandana
  • 2 hair ties
  • a pair of fun costume earring studs (optional)
  • scissors for cutting
Protective Face Mask
Materials Needed

Cut a large square out of the t-shirt. I didn’t even measure it — and it wasn’t even because my scissors weren’t sharp. I simply snipped the edge and ripped it across. 

protective face mask

Fold the material longways — to about the width of a large sock. Then slip hair ties on either side. Attach earring studs so they fall about midway (you can play around). This step, getting them even, took the longest. But worth the effort for a bit of style, right?

Protective face mask

Fold the material – one way and then the other. Here’s where you can tuck it in or pin it or leave it loose. I left it loose and it stays in place fine. (The jersey material sort of hugs your face.)

Protective face mask

How it looks flipped around….

Protective face mask
Voila! Your fashion no-sew face mask!

Loop the hair ties around your ears (they’re comfortable) — and you’re good to go!

Make a protective mask
No-Sew Protective Face Mask

If you don’t want to Make a Protective Face Mask, you can use a scarf or bandana. Check out Melinda’s Fun & Fashionable Mask options.

You are never too old to make the best out of any situation . . . Stay safe!


With these masks and scarves, the only way we can tell whether anyone is smiling is if we see a crow’s feet or two. So remember to embrace your crow’s feet!