Leftovers sometimes get a bad rap, but everyone loves dessert, don’t they? So how bad can a dessert from leftovers be? Sometimes you’re not in the mood for grocery shopping or just maybe…in the mood to be creative with what you have!

But cooking is best approached from wherever you find yourself when you are hungry, and should extend long past the end of the page. There should be serving, and also eating, and storing away what’s left; there should be looking at meals’ remainders with interest and imagining all the good things they will become.

Tamar Adler, An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace

Using items already in my cupboard…I imagine good things.

Dessert From Leftovers
Pay no mind to my Sous Chef, Hami, asleep on the floor.

Try this adult dessert that’s super easy and super.

Fun and yum!

And here’s how the finished product looks . . .super pretty!

Dessert leftover ideas
Layers of mmm-mmm good . . .

I’m a sweet-lover already — My mantra is: Eat Dessert First (or Anytime) — and I love to experiment in the kitchen!

Raspberry cake dessert
Everyone gets a unique presentation…just for fun.

Challenge yourself: How might you make a dessert from leftovers? The fun is in the making, serving, eating, and smiles on happy faces. Dessert is only a leftover away.

You are never too old to sweeten up your next meal with leftovers . . .