With all the masking for safety, it’s refreshing to take a break from stress and mask up for beauty. A little pampering is just what the doctor ordered, dontcha think?

I discovered these masks from Earth Kiss. There is enough in each pack for one-time use, making it a great way to try out various combinations. 

So after reading Melinda’s benefits of charcoal post, I decided the Kombacha Charcoal mask would be first on my beauty mask makeover. 

Plus Kombacha adds hydration and brightens. Since I have a little melasma  (discoloration from my tanning days), I’m always trying to even out my skin tone.

The masks are easy to use…all you have to do is tear the packet open and squeeze it onto your face. There was plenty in the pouch, even enough for hubby.

And while you’re at it make it a family activity.

As it starts to dry, I felt a tingling (almost stinging) sensation. Nothing painful, just enough sensation to make you feel like something good was happening. 

I also started to look dappled like my pup Zero.
Gray camouflage is all the rage.

I used wet paper towels to rinse off and my skin felt tight, smooth, and fresh.  Love it!

And at $3-4 a treatment, about the price of a latte!

You are never too old to mask up for beauty…