Monochromatic dressing…could be your secret weapon. 

We’ve shown you head-to-toe dressing in Black. It’s a sophisticated look. Timeless. Classy. Slimming! AND, any color head-to-toe can exude those same qualities. 

It’s simple…

Go into your closet

Open your drawers

Pick a color, of which you have a lot…




It does not need to be the exact color, but, a shade of “the” color!

Lay out your outfit on the floor like a paper doll so you can move items in and out until you come up with the perfect combo. 

Love me some off-white!

In fact, send us your monochromatic ensembles via Pinterest, Instagram or right here. We’d love to see your take on this simple stylish fashion concept! 

And if you’ve never tried head-to-toe dressing…just for fun do it! 

You go girl! Or, puppy as the case may be. As you can Alexander Hamilton loves monochromatic dressing too!

Let’s go, Mom!

You are never too old to dress head-to-toe mono . . .