Dresses are perfect for the easy, breezy days of summer — and can easily fit into the monochromatic styling that we love here at FunLifeTwists. If you’re looking to stay cool, metaphorically and literally…try top-to-bottom pink! 

Pink is such a happy color, like bubblegum. And believe it or not, pink may sooth the savage beast. 

Did you know that according to color psychology “seeing pink” just might tame violent behavior? Yep, there are actually prison cells painted pink in Switzerland (and elsewhere) in an effort to keep the calm in hostile environments.

But you don’t have to put pink on your walls to feel its effects. Plus, no need to keep all the soothing vibes to yourself. Spread a little calm and happy with your summer dressing by wearing head-to-toe pink.

Here’s a fun idea I threw together for an outdoor brunch with friends — after a year of feeling COVID cooped up (and comfy) in sweats.

Not sweats, but still comfy!

Btw, got these cute Coach shoes at my local Thrift store for $6.

Pink shoes! How could I resist?!

Whenever I wear this little pink ensemble, I smile a bit more and feel on-trend with my monochromatic styling.

You are never too old to feel tickled pink . . .


Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink

Lilly Pulitzer