Mood-setting twinkle lights were my Anniversary surprise for my husband. Whether you’re newlyweds or not…lighting things up—really lights things up!

I recently married my amazing husband and I wanted to make our one-year anniversary special. Weeks in advance I went on Etsy and ordered four strings of battery-operated white twinkle lights. While he was out (probably buying me an anniversary card and flowers) I strung the strands of mood-setting Twinkle Lights, lining the top of our canopy bed. When he returned, the twinkle lights were on.

And I was, well, waiting for him. Let’s just say: We had a memorable afternoon.

We love the lights so much that we left them up, and when one or the other is “in the mood,” we simply turn the lights on as an unspoken signal for a little “together time.”

Smiles all the way around! Just seeing them all strung up, puts us in the mood!!

Mood Setting Twinkle Lights
A little bit of romance!

And maybe wear a mask!

You are never too old to enjoy a bit of twinkling . . . Melinda