Have you ever thought to name stuff around you to bring it to life? Something we have in common is that we like to give names to our cars, homes, outdoor undomesticated “pets”, you name it…we name it!

When we label stuff, it reminds us to appreciate everything just a tiny bit more. Things aren’t just things, they are like extended members of our families. 

We name our vehicles: My car is Wanda the Honda (she replaced Rhonda the Honda) and my hubby drives Betty “Boop” Beamer. When he runs errands, he proclaims that he’s “taking out Betty” — which makes us both giggle. Melinda and Hank drive Shadow (a Thunderbird) and Scotty (a Land Rover). 

We even have monikers for our homes: We live @ The Country in Jax and have a small place in Sarasota that we call The Cottage. Melinda and Hank divide time between The Oasis and The Lodge. Of course the labels reflect aspects of our homes that we love, reminding us of our good fortunes…every time we refer to them.

Not only do we name our pets, we call our undomesticated, outdoor animal friends: Mr. Squatty (the squirrel) and Rocky (the raccoon) who raid our bird feeders. Eddie (the alligator) lives around our dock. Melinda has written about George the Groundhog who lives under her porch.

This isn’t actually Rocky, but it could be!

We are the first to admit: It’s a bit silly and fun! That said, referring to these things by a specific name, provides a deeper connection, making us more grateful for our lives.

You are never too old to appreciate (and name) things around you . . .

Mare & Melinda