Don’t know about you but I love nature and taking pictures of nature, yet, often life seems to direct my attention elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be fun to put beauty and the miracle of nature photography, top of mind? 

One of the joys of living in Florida is popping onto the beach and seeing an amazingly beautiful sunset. I actually have to schedule “sunsets” into my calendar. And you know, sometimes you think it’s gonna be a dud and amazingness happens! 

Plus, I’m pretty sure that sunsets happen everywhere on the planet so why not jump out there (even if you have to schedule it like me) with a friend and/or your iPhone and simply take a shot of the sunset. 

Nature Photography Sunsets
No need for fancy devices, just grab your iPhone!

Photography, especially nature photography is such a gift and totally accessible for us all with our mobile devices. Soooo…. memorialize the moment!

It might be fun to do a whole series, of sunset photography: everyday for a week or the first Monday of every month. Talk about Free Fun, you get to see the change in Mother Nature magically happening before your eyes every day. (Thank you God!) These little snippets of nature always bring a smile to my face and reignite childlike wonder. Sunsets and nature photography, does it get any better?

Hope you have the same experience too!

You are never too old to enjoy the magic of nature . . .