I actually have a fear of getting my hair cut that started when I was just a baby, which makes being on top of new hairstyles a challenge.

One time while my mother was out grocery shopping, my dad decided the fine peach fuzz blonde aura around my head needed to go. He reasoned that if he shaved it off, it would grow in thicker. 

When my mom got home she burst into tears. Her baby girl was bald (we’re talking cue ball bald) and for the next year and a half, she Scotch-taped pink bows onto my head so that people would know I was a girl.

New hairstyles
Put a bow on it!

Thus began my lifelong struggle with hair! So trying new hairstyles or getting a new haircut pushes all my buttons. 

Benefits to Exploring New Hairstyles

Whatever your reason, or mine, a new hairdo has so many benefits let’s put our fears/hesitation on the sidelines and run down the field toward the goal! (Obviously I have been watching too much football on TV with my husband ?)

Seriously, a good haircut can be healthy for your hair, getting rid of dry split ends, and can literally lighten the way you look and feel. If you haven’t changed your style for the last two to twenty years, you are due for a new do.

Keep an eye out for the latest cuts and styles. I always Google, latest hair trends, for short, shoulder length hair and long lengths. Bring a picture to your stylist. If they know their stuff, they’ll let you know if it’s a good cut for you and your lifestyle.

I’ve learned a new hairstyle is nothing to fear (and neither is going gray). It’s just hair, and it grows — no need for Scotch tape and bows!

You are never too old to do a new do . . .