Looking for new potluck ideas as “social distancing” restrictions start easing up? Put a little pizzazz into the idea of potluck with a pizza party. Great for easing back into small (socially distanced) groups, this dinner party is super fun and easy for you and your guests.

Each guest couple brings their favorite pizza to share with the other guests. As the hostess, you provide drinks, salad, and dessert, so minimal prep time is required. Plus, all you really need are casual set-ups and a large table for the pizza buffet, where guests just plop down their pizza box and can serve themselves.

New potluck ideas — a pizza party
Slice it thin for a fun-size pieces!

Besides being fun and relaxed, a pizza potluck is a marvelous opportunity to try different kinds of pizza. Between all the types of flavors and crusts (including gluten-free), you’re bound to get a variety to please all! And if guests are strangers, the pizza smorgasbord is a great conversation starter. (“Did you bring this one? Yum!” “Where is this pizza parlor?” “So glad you brought this; I’ve been wanting to try it!”)

Your guests enjoy because they are active participants and feel invested in the event’s success. (Plus supporting local businesses helps to restore the post-Covid-19 economy.) And because everyone gets a piece of the entertaining pie — no one has to spend hours in the kitchen to make the fun happen!

You are never too old to find fun and easy new potluck ideas for you and your guests . . .