My garden’sflowers are gorgeous, my nails not so much. Even though I love the look of a good manicure, and even statement nails, I’d rather spend my time in the garden over the nail salon. And unfortunately, it shows!

So not being a fancy-nail-kinda-gal, I’d never heard about nail wraps. That is, until a BFF Fiona and I encountered them at a neighborhood fair. The vendor had short nails (like me) and swore they were easy to apply and would last even through hardy chores.

There were nail wraps in every color of the rainbow, including rainbow “Pride” wraps; there were plaid, polka dots, striped, glitter wraps — and leopard!


Btw, you can get them online really cheap.


Just like my colored hair extensions (where I wear just one), I wear just one wrap on my index finger. (If I were single, maybe I’d highlight my ring finger?!!!)

Anyway, glancing down at it, makes me smile. Grrrr!

No manicure statement nails

They are easy enough to apply; my brand suggested putting them over a coat of polish to help with adhesion and then shaping them with an Emory board. (From what I can tell, directions may vary, depending on the product.) 

Believe it or not, I found putting it on fun…like an art project. However, to be honest, I haven’t put on a whole set at once (remember I don’t like to spend a lot of time on my nails). 

And judging on the one finger application, they last quite a while. My one wrap lasted for over two weeks, and longer than the just-polished nails, even after digging in the dirt!!

Whether you’re a no-manicure gal, like me, or unable to get your your regular manicures for whatever reason, nail wraps are a fun, easy DIY beauty option.

You are never too old to nail statement nails or in my case, a statement nail . . .