When you preserve something, you maintain its value and extend its life. Wow, feels empowering — and fun!

During COVID-19, our neighbors went away and gave me permission to harvest all the Lemons off their tree! When you have bags full of Meyer Lemons (or, any other fruit or vegetable that is “in season”) you gotta do something fast before they rot.

And unfortunately because we were all in quarantine I couldn’t have a cocktail or potluck party! Boo-hoo!

So instead of trying to use them all….I decided to extend the lemon joy by preserving them!

Preserving something can take time….and patience, which can be a chore for an I-want-things-yesterday girl like me. Preserved Lemons can take up to three months. The unique flavor of preserved lemons are used in Middle Eastern dishes, eggs, dressings, grains and more

The concept of preserving things was something Grandma used to do. But it seems like these days, everyone is jumping on the preserving bandwagon. Preserving has definitely grown in popularity these days with people spending more time at home with their families. 

And it doesn’t have to be just food stuff…think old photo albums, family mementos, flowers (pressed from your garden) or even your wedding bouquet!

My dried wedding bouquet makes me smile every time I see it!

The idea is to make something last longer, so you will get more joy from “it!” And I don’t have to tell you: Joy is a priceless commodity!

Just curious…what will you preserve? 

You are never too old to see and stretch the joy …