How often do you ask yourself: What do I really need in my purse? Even though purse essentials are totally subjective and dependent on your needs, we thought it fun to share our purse love (and hate), as well as what we put in them.

Whether it’s teeny tiny or almost a suitcase a lot of us have a love-hate relationship with our purses: Love how cute and little it is; hate that it doesn’t hold anything. Love that it’s huge, hate how heavy it is. 

Not ones to sweat the small stuff, we started thinking: what are those little basics that we have to carry — and what might we leave out? 

Most of of us communicate constantly so a cellphone is usually a given, as is a Drivers License and a debit or credit card.

But the rest is what we’re talking about. Those things we wish we had in a pinch, but don’t. Things that don’t take up much room; and dagnabit, if we did have them, we’d feel like geniuses. And, BTW, do we really need all that other stuff? So, if it is one of the TT (teeny tiny) purses, what’s absolutely imperative? 

Here’s our purse essentials…it may surprise you!

Melinda’s Beyond Basic Essentials:

A piece of white chalk

A Bobby pin (or two)

A small and large safety pin

Emergency key to house

2 Aspirin/ 1 Antacid

Piece of dental floss


Small lip gloss

A Band-aid

A $1, 5 and a $20 bill

Mare’s Purse Essentials

Lip pencil (can use as lipstick and even blush in a pinch)

5 $1 bills

Hair tie 

2 individual hand sanitizer wipes

Emory board


Another fun tip (and way to have what you need without having to make room in your purse) is to create an essentials kit to keep in your car. 

Melinda maintains His/Her essentials kits for those bigger items like: a spare pair of glasses/fashion readers, contact lens case/solution, SPF protection, eye drops, hairbrush — and travel sizes of toothbrush/toothpaste, mouthwash, aspirin, antacids. 

It may be smart to also keep a supply of your medicinal needs (should you get stranded) — and of course, extra Covid-19 masks and a full bottle of water!

When it comes to what we carry, one size does not fit all! We love how Venus Williams puts it: “I don’t carry a purse when I fly because I have my Hello Kitty carry-on. I’m the biggest adult supporter.”

You are never too old to rethink what you carry and how you carry it . . .