There’s quirky things to do, and then there are quirkier things to do.

For example, at our house, every day is Ground Hog Day. I am serious. So, my hubby and I thought it would be fun to name the groundhog who built a nice, cozy home under our garden deck. Most of the summer he was just “that groundhog.” But, as soon as we named him “George” we noticed that it was much more fun to pay attention to his comings and goings. Rumor has it there’s a Georgette living next door and come Spring she’ll be doing the walk of shame, if you catch my drift.

So, George has become a part of our lives. And, now that we are on a first-name basis, we thought it would be fun to learn more about groundhogs. This is where the fun begins! Because we’re interested in George (and groundhogs), we learned some very interesting things, especially about hibernation and health.

Scientists are researching the benefits of hibernation for humans who have had strokes or heart attacks. Apparently a rodent or mammal’s body metabolism slows down to conserve energy during hibernation. Because of the lower body temperature, it could be beneficial if medical procedures need to be postponed. Or, imagine hibernation being used even for Space Travel…talk about “far out!” Who knew naming George the Groundhog could be so enlightening?

More proof that you are never too old to find quirky things to do, just for fun, right in your own backyard.