Several years ago, I shared on YouTube a lymphatic drainage technique to help reduce eye bags. You know, that dreaded puffiness that collects under (or around) your eyes after a salty meal or too much wine? 

And it seems to get worse with age — not fun!

This video has been surprisingly popular with now over 1.66 million views and mostly positive feedback. It’s helped me — and others!

So….just for fun…if you feel like your face is looking older (especially suddenly), try this simple, yet effective, lymphatic drainage technique taught to me by an aesthetician in Miami, FLORIDA. 

It feels soothing — and it only takes a few minutes. Yay!

The key is a feather-lite touch and repetition. Hopefully, you will notice under-eye fluid build up lessening. (I can actually feel fluid and congestion releasing as I do the routine.)

Don’t expect miracles. Much like exercise (or body brushing), it takes a consistent effort. I suggest in the video that you repeat the procedure multiple times during any given day. 

If you are looking for natural, healthy, non-surgical ways to reduce eye bags (and stay beautiful) — this routine just might work for you, too. 

You are never too old to gently fight the hands of time…


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