When it comes to staying healthy, do you ever hit a plateau, get bored, or wonder whether all the effort is just a big ole waste of time. It’s so easy to fall off the wellness wagon and so hard to get back on.  It doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. Consider reimagining your wellness routine.

Simply put, remember a time in your life when you used to look and feel your best. And ask yourself: How did I eat? How did I exercise? How did I maintain my energy levels? 

And give it a go! 

Sooooo, I don’t mind telling you I just turned 65

And around this big birthday, I started to feel my age…which has NEVER been my style. 

First things first: I took a hard look at my daily routine. 

Ruh-roh! I realized the splurges were become daily habits.

Then instead of reinventing the fitness wheel, I thought: “What worked for me in my 20s or 30s or even 40s?”

I remembered going for long walks every day, or practicing my yoga, every day or eating healthy food, every day

Hmm…seems the “every day“ was the common factor. 

So I figured out a wellness formula that I could commit to every single day. No more of the start and stops of dieting or exercise. 

This health thing is a lifetime commitment, not a once-n-done project! 

Try reimagining your wellness routine. And if you’ve never had a working wellness plan…feel free to borrow one or all of the below! 

A. Yoga every day!

B. Long walk every day!

C. Healthful food choices every day!

Where’s the fun? Feeling good is so much fun!

You are never too old to begin again (or start anew) when it comes to wellness . . .