Today started out to be a lousy day and like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible New Good Day, I needed some good news — and I was determined to make it happen.

I tripped down the steps, stubbed my toe on a cabinet, and broke my favorite coffee mug, spilling it all over my just-cleaned kitchen. Out of everything that happened, what bugged me the most was breaking that dang coffee mug.

My husband and I enjoy our special weekend coffee from matching mugs, and the mug I broke was from a favorite pair. (The mugs are huge and make us laugh with the words “Size Matters” embossed on the side.)

They were purchased years ago so I was thrilled to find a replacement mug on eBay. In fact, I was so happy I contacted the seller to thank her. AND just for fun, explained our ritual and elaborated why I was so excited.

Almost immediately, I received a note back, with a p.s. saying, “Thank you for your note. It made my day. I’m so happy I made yours, too.”

When I sent that note, I didn’t expect a reply — I was genuinely feeling thankful and thought about how often vendors receive complaints and how seldom they receive gratitude. I just wanted to share good news and satisfaction.

Triple whammy! Because of the fun gratitude exchange, it’s turning into a great day.

Good news French press coffee
His & Her’s once again!

Size matters — and sometimes the small stuff matters the most.

You are never too old to see and share the good, small stuff . . .