It’s fun to feel recognized for doing something good. No need to wait for others to show appreciation. Why not reward yourself? 

Anyhoo, the most effective and long term outcomes come from within!! Here’s what we do…


I recently recommitted to a few of goals. One was to be healthier. Every day I achieve my “be healthier” goal, I give myself a digital gold star. It makes me smile and a tiny bit nostalgic. ⭐️ Who doesn’t love gold stars? And you don’t have to wait for your teacher’s approval. You can find gold stars at your local Dollar Store if you’re old school. 

And there is nothing unhealthy about a gold star!


To reward myself after my morning chores, I take a moment to admire my hard work. Yes, I revel in my sparkling toilet bowl and freshly mowed lawn. The smell of Pine-Sol and feel of stepping on a freshly mowed grass makes me smile. I also silently (or maybe even out loud)  say something like: 

Nice work, Mare! 

You go, girl!

Good job, Mare!

In the end, a completed goal or job well done is my reward. 


Yay me!

These types of rewards are based on intrinsic motivation, meaning the motivation comes from within. No need for external approval or pressure. Indeed, researchers claim this type of reward system, based on self-satisfaction, is most effective long term.

On the flip side, external motivation involves external factors, either a desire for money, power, or fame or an avoidance of consequences.

Internal v. External Motivation

  • Losing a few pounds because you know you’ll feel better, rather than feeling pressured by your doctor.
  • Mowing the lawn because you enjoy the exercise and outcome, rather than getting paid to do it.
  • Going back to school because you love to learn, rather than being required to by your employer.

Note how much more fun and positive intrinsic motivation feels. The next time you want to achieve a goal, make sure you’re doing if for you — and celebrate your efforts!

You are never too old to revel in your own accomplishments . . . 

Mare & Melinda