Want a relatively low-maintenance yard that oozes personality? Consider creating rock backyard gardens, winding through with pathways, bird sanctuaries, and flowerbeds — as big or small as your yard allows.

We love nature here at FunLifeTwists. Melinda has created a backyard oasis, with a pool and lush tropical flowers. Indeed, she’s even named her home: The Oasis.

Our home, which I lovingly refer to as The Country, sits on an acre of land along a one-lane street. As you can see, we have a lot of land — and a great canvas for a bit of dig-in-the-dirt fun.

Backyard gardens
Nature Canvas

Although we loved our backyard nature “as is,” we (well, I) decided to add a twist to the natural views. My friend and Feng Shui guru always referred to these indoor views as “living art.” Surrounding yourself with living art creates positive energy.

Rock Backyard Gardens and Winding Paths

After getting several bids for landscaping options (waterfalls, lush lawns, shrubs), we (well, I) decided to DIY and create rock backyard gardens. First, I hired a landscaper to lay 2 pallets of grass, cutting a curvy design (with his shovel).

Bird Sanctuary and Butterfly Garden

Then over the next couple months, my hubby and I laid river rock and stepping stones, making pathways around the grass to various areas, like our shed (which I also made into a cottage).

After photo includes the shed, which was there before, but it’s also had a cottage makeover.

During the fall, the rocks gather leaves but are easy to blow — and in the spring, we usually add a bag or two to any bare spots. The gardens are a work in progress. Every season we enjoy adding a different area. What makes it fun, is the continual creation. 

Whatever your backyard space, what might you create? 

  • Herb Garden
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • Spilling Flowerpots
  • Fire pit Fun Area
  • Cactus Corner
  • Fairy Garden
  • Butterfly Berm

You are never too old to dig in the dirt…