Yes, I am serious! The act of sighing, defined as an exhale partnered with a vocal quality, is fun and healing. In fact, a sigh can be lifesaving

Believe it or not, our bodies love it when we vocally exhale. The simple act of expelling air from our lungs with sound can be cathartic. 

Try this…you have some “energy” or frustration around “something”  Rather than holding onto the energy you let it go with a deep long cathartic “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Watch the video and play along! 


One “sigh” does not fit all.

Try on a sigh of resignation, a sigh after an active ballroom dance class, a sigh of relief, a sigh after an “O”…oooo, la la! Or, a sigh to ground yourself spiritually. 

And it’s more accessible than a primal scream.

Not sure why, but for most of my life I thought when someone sighed it was a negative thing. Like they were bored or frustrated or very tired. My “ahhhhh – ha” moment happened in a yoga class. An extremely articulate (and insightful) yoga teacher started class with the practice of Shavasana, incorporating a long extended melodious exhale — and I immediately felt the energetic shift. 

She explained that every person has their own personal note that is unique to them and is healing to their body when we release that note in a long extended vocal exhale. 

I love this idea. That every person has a unique note that is healing…so yummy.  The trick is: we just have to let these healing notes out.

Sooooo, Just for fun…try on a different sigh every day for a week! Which one feels like your unique personal note? Embrace it, share it …and do it often. Let others in on the secret, “It’s not a yawn, it’s MY note.”

You are never too old to take up a new practice… ahhhhhhhhhhhh….doesn’t that feels better? ?