A can of spray paint is a cheap thrill that can bring such a fun change to your home decor. I’m always up for an at-home spray paint DIY and on the lookout for that item to spray!

Trends come and go so quickly, it’s hard to keep up. “Fun” up your space by adding a pop of your favorite color.

Spray paints come in the trendiest colors of the rainbow and all the latest sheens (glossy, satin, flat or super matte).

When I’m on a painting spree, all animals (and hubby) know to get out of the way! On a nice day, I head out back, throw down a drop cloth, shake/shake/shake, and spray paint away. Quick, easy, and not too much of a mess. There’s really not too much of a learning curve (especially with the matte sheens, that show less imperfections).

Here’s a removable tray with stand I found at a local thrift shop. I took it from beat-up brown to beachy sage, (using Rustoleum Coastal Spray Paint). It’s instant gratification, too, which is huge fun for me.

Spray paint DIY

Spray paint DIY is an easy way to repurpose that old tray or vase that looks a little unloved or no longer matches your home’s color scheme. Just give it a spray!

You are never too old to whip out a can and color it . . .