I love living in Florida, the sunshine state, until mid-August when it’s time to mow the lawn. Staying hydrated during outdoor activities is a challenge. The weather app may say 89 degrees, but with the humidity, it feels like 100 degrees!

I could hire out or snag the hubby, but I actually like the exercise and opportunity to sweat. So how do I beat the heat, making mowing in the stifling heat, not only tolerable, but fun? Water, water, WATER!

3 Tips To Staying Hydrated, Inside and Out

  • Wear light-colored, breathable clothing, and a water-cooling hat (just wet it, shake, and put it on).
  • Drink plenty of water (mixed with electrolytes), before, during, and after mowing. My doctor says Gatorade-type products are better than water for hydration and quenching thirst.

And my favorite tip?

  • Beat the Heat misting breaks . . . I fill my portable fan/water mister and when I start feeling the heat (and not a minute later), I grab my little mister, close my eyes (picture myself relaxing on the beach) and spritz my face, pretending I’m being sprayed by the wind and waves.
Stay hydrated
My own hydrating fantasy…

That momentary, imaginary beach vacation cools me off, makes me giggle, and helps me to playfully finish the lawn.

You are never too old to find the play in work . . .