Do you sometimes feel like your days aren’t your own. Like you’ve spent your entire day working or doing for others or wasting time — and as a result, you’re not any closer to your goals? It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in just 10 minutes.

But how to find the time?!

Step 1:  Be willing to take an inventory of your day. (It can be hard to digest the amount of time you waste on Facebook, TV watching, or gabbing on the phone with a friend.)

Step 2: Find as many opportunities as possible. (Where can you steal those 10 minutes?)

Step 3: Now that you’ve got your “get-to-it: mojo going and have a a few “steal” opportunities in sight, you’re ready to go!

For example: Steal ten minutes from checking into Facebook and instead organize that junk drawer in your kitchen. You know you want to. How many times have you promised yourself you’d clean it out in frustration as you look for that lost receipt?  

One step closer to your goal of becoming more organized! Yay you!

The “10 Stolen Minutes” Game

Stolen moments add up!  But who’s keeping score? You are! 

Now it’s time to make it a game. Keep track of your stolen 10 minutes — give your self a gold star ⭐️ or rainbow 🌈. AND for every ten “stolen 10 minutes” (that’s 100 minutes), you get a reward. Whatever incentivizes you and keeps you moving towards your goals. 

For example, if your goal is to shed a few pounds, you might want to reward yourself with a pretty piece of lingerie (and not a. hot fudge sundae). 😝 

Take 10 for you!

Because I’ve recommitted to a “looking and feeling my best” goal, I’m finding an extra 10 minutes while my husband naps or takes a business call to roll out my yoga mat and do a few sun salutations. While he steals time for himself, I do the same?

How about you, when can you steal ten?

You are never to old to find time for you . . .