Can we talk style? Style is all about you, your essence, your joyful self-expression or as the French say, your joie de vivre. And like all things artistic, personal style is individual, personal, and subjective.

Needless to say, we (M&M) have two completely different styles. For example, a pair of heels to Melinda means stilettos, to Mare it means something with a wedge.

Simple ways to step up personal style

No total makeover, required. Elevating your style simply requires taking wherever you are, to the next level.

If your normal is:

  • jeans, a slouchy t-shirt, and flip-flops, elevate to jeans, a crisp blouse, and sandals.
  • slacks, turtleneck, and loafers, elevate to a skirt, a twinset, and pointy-toed flats.
  • stretch pants, a tunic top, and ballet flats, elevate to a tunic top, leggings, and riding boots.

And, if you feel like really stepping it up, there are hundreds of styles of dresses to choose from…for every climate, season and reason!

Simple ways to Elevate personal Style
Hats are fun, too!

With just a little extra effort, you can sharpen up your everyday look. And style tweaks are fun, because the look is still you — just a bit more snazzy.

Just for fun: Imagine you’re on a date with your best guy/gal and you WANT to put in a little more effort. Or, perhaps, even better, you’re getting ready for a date with yourself.

In other words, dress up for you!

Elevate your style and approach your routine activities with a renewed swagger. You might even enjoy our “paper doll” approach, main point…have fun, no pressure!

You are never too old to ease into a new you . . .

M & M