It’s the time of year to feel jolly and grateful. What better way to celebrate than to support a worthy cause. It might even be something you can do as a family!

Mare and I love our animals…and supporting an animal rescue shelter organization is right up our alley (cat!)  

A worthy cause: It’s the gift that keeps giving

Our challenge for you is to find the cause that inspires you. You’ll know you have found the right cause when you don’t think about the time or money that you are donating. You simply “do” from your heart. 

Sure you can write a check, but you can also foster, adopt, volunteer or donate food or clothing. Most charitable organizations are thrilled to have new “blood” helping out. 

There may even be a fun opportunity to attend a fund raiser OR friend raiser like the Faux Paws event Mare and I attended at The Humane Society of Sarasota County. We learned that our local humane society gets absolutely no funding from any national, state or governmental entities. And, as a no-kill shelter they are totally reliant on private funding! 

We encourage you to find a worthy cause in your area and give from your heart! 

Trust us, it feels better than good! 


BTW…If you shop on Amazon (who doesn’t these days?) you can actually do all your shopping through and a small portion of your purchase (0.5%…that’s a half a penny per $1) will be donated to the Charity of your choice. This doesn’t cost you a penny! What a great way to make a difference without costing you anything! Shop and Give at the same time…bonus! I found a local group that helps injured and abandoned creatures. What will you find?