My mama used to say, you are what you eat. Well, you are what you think, too. Because I’m prone to mood swings, I know this to be true firsthand.

I am a highly sensitive person. Because things don’t just bounce off my back and my natural tendency is to dwell, I can be prone to mood swings and a touch of the blues.

Sad, but true.

Like weather, the storm clouds will come and go. Because I don’t resist, push, or pretend mood swings gone — poof, they eventually vanish. Making way for rainbows and fun-in-the-sun thoughts.

If you suffer from the occasional blue mood, like I do, try a daily attitude adjustment. The late motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar used to refer to it as “a checkup from the neck up.” Even using the words as a self-reminder often initiates a giggle.

The words you use can really help…yup!

Just for fun, I keep a check-up journal, “Betty Blues,” to write down things that might be bothering me. Betty is my confidant, there when I need her — and a reminder of my “from clouds to sunshine” moments. Sometimes you just need to vent and let go…

Swing with your mood swings.

The real way to adjust your attitude is to recognize that we sometimes get sad — and sometimes for no good reason.

And it’s okee-dokee! Be blue if you need to. . .

Can’t truly appreciate the sunny, funny days without a few cloudy ones? Gotcha. And, I’ve found that it’s especially important to have a ton of fun, waiting in the queue.

You are never too old to keep it fun and real . . .

Mare ☺️