Many of us learned during the year of Covid isolation that being home can be sweet. And while hordes are starting to hit the roads and tarmacs, others are continuing their love affairs with Home Sweet Home. If you want to appreciate your “castle” even more, take a backyard tour. I’ve found it helps to put your surroundings under a bit of a microscope…or, in this case telescope. 

So, recently I took an exploratory walk through our rather small backyard and simply, looked up and around. Certainly not a world renowned garden like The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens but, nonetheless, mine that I could effortless visit…in my backyard! 

It’s amazing what you’ll see with just a bit of conscious focus! And don’t forget to capture it on film!

What did I see?  Well…

Two years ago I  planted a number of orchids in our trees. Now they were in full bloom along with other air plants called “epiphytes” creating my very own botanical garden.

Check these out…Staghorn Ferns— and Resurrection Fern’s which hydrate after a rainfall. Nature is the best gardener!

And more…

Eensy-teensy spider….

It is said that being in nature is good for the soul. It certainly is for mine!

And, sometimes to feel Joy, all we really need is to take a backyard tour, hug a tree and look UP!

You are never too old to appreciate your very own botanical garden . . .