Fitness and chocolate can go hand in hand. I’ve developed a fitness quiz, using chocolate! Yes, chocolate! Yum, yum, yay, yay! Wanna play?

Disclaimer:This fitness quiz is based soley on my random case studies…very unscientific…but super fun!

Choose your chocolate!

Pretend you’re sticking your hand into a bag Hershey’s miniature assortments, which one would you choose?

A) Special Dark – dark sweet chocolate

B) Milk Chocolate – creamy milk chocolate

C) Krackel – chocolate with crisped rice pieces

D) Mr. Goodbar – chocolate with peanuts

Sooooo what did you choose? 

Fitness Quiz Answer Key: 

A) Dark Chocolate = Exercise Animal – Your motivation is a Challenge. And you want to make your workout count! You enjoy working hard —- and sweating. Choose intense activities like: spinning, racing, hot yoga, powerlifting, rock climbing…anything with hot, power or marathon attached as a prefix. 


B) Milk Chocolate = Task Master – Your motivation is Completion. You’re self-reliant, self-disciplined, and perhaps even a perfectionist. You prefer a routine (that you can perfect) and just want to check it off the list. And if you’re doing it right, you’ll happily do it alone. Choose solo activities like running, walking, swimming, a gym routine, or any type of exercise DVD. 


C) Krackel = Social Butterfly – Your motivation is Connection. You’re motivated by others and being a part of a group. You need/want the accountability and opportunity to socialize. Choose activities like walking groups, exercise classes, team sports, or one-on-one activities with a spouse/friend/dog.


D) Mr. Goodbar = Fun Seeker – Your motivation is Fun. You love anything that doesn’t feel like “exercise;” wanting spontaneous fun and games. You like to explore the latest fitness trends, especially ones that use props/“toys.” Choose activities like: water aerobics (bring a noodle), pole dance workouts, Zumba classes, paddle boarding, and beach volleyball.


Like most personality quizzes, you may be a combination of one or two chocolates. And if you don’t like chocolate, pass the milk chocolates over to me, please….while I put together a jelly bean and fitness quiz!

You are never too old to choose to a new, more enjoyable angle for anything. . .