Just for fun and your sanity take a “News vacation!”

That means turn off the TV, the radio, social media—just about any place you can get information about the election! This may seem like a heavy subject, but actually the idea of turning off all the major news  networks from your life can be quite liberating and Fun!

Try it! Make a game of it…

If the news is on…leave the room. If you get into someone’s car…ask them to (please) turn the channel to music. Stay off your social media — and news feeds.

And notice by taking a news vacation—or vacation from news—there might be a sense of calm (and joy) in your news-free being.

Ahhh — and Yay!

Sometimes, no news is good news!

And…Guess what? It doesn’t cost you a penny to turn everything off— and it may just be the best decision you make between now and….Inauguration Day! ?

You are never too old to tune out . . .