Do you tell your age? A few years back, I met a potential new friend for coffee. As we settled into our conversation, we quickly moved  from the usual surface chitchat to a deeper discussion. While chatting, Joy casually revealed that she was 70 years old.

I almost choked on my coffee. (Yes, I had run my mental-age-calculator ? and had pegged her a decade or more younger.) Clearly she looked fantastic, but what impressed me most was her comfort in revealing her age at first blush!

Who does that? “Don’t ever tell your age” is kind of an unspoken code for women over 49, right? Plus, it’s impolite to ask: “how old” — right?

Joy’s revelation made me think: Why shouldn’t a woman share her age? Why not be proud that you are an amazing example of what aging vibrantly can look like? Why not embrace your years?

Tell your age
Embrace your years

With age comes wisdom. Like my friend Joy (who continues to inspire me), I now proudly share my age . . . sometimes to shock, sometimes to inspire, and sometimes to get a Senior Discount

Hey why not, we earned it!

You are never too old to own your years and tell your age . . .

Melinda ?