Here’s a real testament to the power of positive thinking and energy! Even the hard stuff can become easier if you have a positive outlook and look for ways to have fun.

Living in Florida, we recently dealt with the threat of a Hurricane. After the storm’s horrific landfall in Bermuda we were crushed for our island neighbors and braced for a land hit.

We had our emergency stash in order and kept an eye on weather alerts from NOAA, but we made a conscious effort not spend a lot of our energy watching every twist and turn of the hurricane’s super slow approach.

These weather events can paralyze, if you let them.

The Power to Choose…stay positive or go negative?

Except for grocery stores and gas stations, most everything else shut down. We had no choice but to hunker down, and we decided to take advantage of it with a little cabin fever fun!

Because I had the time to cook, I made a few delicious dinners, the kind usually reserved for weekends, and set a romantic table, complete with cloth napkins and candlelight. Afterwards, my husband took out his guitar and strummed a few tunes. It was a nice respite from The Weather Channel drama.

power of positive thinking and energy
The sound of music calms and playing reduces stress!

We were as ready as could be — but instead of getting caught up in the fear of possibilities, we had fun in the present. And luckily, we were spared.

You are never too old to find the fun, even in the serious stuff . . .


Power of Positive Thinking Update: During the COVID-19 global disaster, follow guidelines and be smart. And also use the time to connect to things that matter most. Remember whatever the situation, your attitude will make a lot of difference to the present moment — and the outcome!