Let’s face it! We all have mood swings and get irritable sometimes. Especially in those super close relationships, like where you live together. Or when you have too much time together or toooo much together- time at home.

Moods, all moods, including bad ones are part of the intimacy territory.

Do you ever:

  • Wake up on the wrong side of the bed . . . and can’t explain your mood.
  • Get triggered by something that brings you down —and you want to bring everyone in on the drama, because as the old saying goes: Misery Loves Company!
  • Become irritated when someone else is in a good mood and having fun. Ugh, happy people can be annoying, right?


Want to know how to get out of a bad mood?

Just for fun, my hubby and I break the grumpiness, by offering the grumpy offender a nice pill.

Too much time together

Laughter is the best medicine for too much time together.

Yep, we have a small jar labeled “Nice Pills” filled with chewy gooey candy. We use hot tamales, because they match the mood of the offender, but you can choose whatever.

Just the act of playfully jiggling the jar can turn frowns into smiles. Give it a go!

You are never too old to have a little fun with bad moods . . .


Banish Bad Mood Idea from Melinda (she claims it’s untried [yeah, right!]): Send the offender (very playfully) to their isolation corner. While they are there (and if they are behaving), treat them to their favorite thing (a shoulder rub, martini, ear nibble). You may have to coax them to their corner, promising that you’ll make it worth their while!