Looking for some Relationship Advice on how to make your relationship work? OR….Looking for fun, unique gift ideas for that special anniversary or Father’s Day. Maybe you simply want to add extra sizzle to your everyday relationship goals.

Adding a little SAXX, might be just what you need to keep the passion alive. A little fun goes a long way! Fun may just be the relationship advice needed for that extra sizzle in the bedroom or wherever! And sometimes making “it” happen, involves an unexpected, fun twist!

Last week, I went on a mission to buy myself something lacey, pretty, and pricey. As I entered the lingerie store, my attention was immediately diverted to an amazing display of men’s SAXX underwear. Are you a boxer or brief girl? I’m a boxer lover, and every single pair of SAXX boxers had a fun, unique, playful design — camouflage, skull heads, lobsters, strips, and even trippy mushrooms! Yes, they made me giggle, but I also found them kind of sexy!

I thought to myself… why do guys get to have all the fun? And I purchased my hubby three pairs! And, trust me if you go online to the SAXX site you will see a pair (or five!) that will appeal to your guy. From camo, to skulls, to rainbow colors, there’s a SAXX for you!

Well, my “Hanes, only” guy was over the moon! He ripped open the packages, tried them on—and Ooh la la!

Let’s just say, I still have a smile on my face. Note to Self: Do this again soon!

You are never too old for a little SAXX . . .