Color me crazy, but I do love to add fun to my life. Sometimes edgy, always fun! On this particular day, I tried on a Temporary Tattoo in the shape of a Chili Pepper! If you want to know why, check out Nicknames.

Not sure I wanted anything permanent, so I thought the idea of a temporary tattoo, aka, a rub on tattoo, was a good one. There are lots of websites that offer playful rub on tattoos for adults and kids, and application is super easy. All you do is remove the plastic film, place the tattoo down on your skin and then rub a wet cloth on it, which creates the transfer.

red hot chili pepper temporary tattoo idea
aka Red Hot Chili Pepper

A temporary tattoo might be the perk you need during these times of social distancing and self-isolation. Apparently, a company is making temporary tattoos for health care workers with positive messages. Looking down at something to make you smile might be just what the doctor ordered!

Temporary Tattoos only last a couple of days at most.  And if you hate it, any oil-based product, like Baby Oil, will make that puppy (or pepper) immediately disappear.

You are never too old to pretend to be a red hot chili pepper . . .