As we get older, often a level of complacency kicks in.  It’s like: Try something new? Why bother?! 

It’s super easy to get comfortable with how things are…sometimes too comfortable. 

We stop paying attention to our waistlines or fashion…after all who cares? We say we already have too many friends, so we don’t make room for new people. When someone starts a conversation, our mind is made up, before the first sentence is completed.  No fun!!

Or we have a “tradition” of going to the same restaurant each week, at the same time sitting at the same table. Tradition, habit…or RUT? 

Besides, doing new and different things can be a bit scary. 

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your hairdo or visited a new restaurant or made a new friend…it might be time to try on something new, maybe, even a little “scary.” 

Btw, if new things scare you, try a counter argument…

What if….

…I don’t like my hair this way? It grows!

…the food isn’t good? It’s something to talk about — and new information for next time.

 …if the new friend isn’t everything you hoped she/he’d be? So what? You can always graciously move on…

Or you discover a fabulous new hairstyle, restaurant, and friend!

Variety is the Spice of Life aka Try Something New

There is something that happens to us when we are trying something new…our adreneline increases a tad, our mind revs up with possibilities. 

And btw, so what if it isn’t perfect?!

For a brief moment we feel…”something!” Even if it’s scary or disappointing….we feel. Feeling helps us keep our edge and youthful verve!

I tried Blue Contacts…to be different. It wasn’t really scary at all! It was fun!


I tried Magnetic Eyelashes…why not?! It was a little frustrating and a total fail. But in the end, it made me laugh at myself.  (And I’ll try again with Melinda’s expertise….LOL).


Tell us what you have tried recently…just for fun! 

You are never too old to experience newness…

Melinda & Mare