New Year Resolutions, OR, Look into the future and visualize YOU @ 90! Wow! Can you see yourself at that age? If not, how about 80? 70?

Okay…back to the point…once you see that aging person you truly want and NEED to be in your core: Ask yourself, what are you doing today to achieve that goal?

Who is the future you? Who are you today? How do you @ 90 show up? Is the future you healthy, happy, surrounded by friends, living with a purpose, financially secure, and at peace with who she is?

IF you want to be “her” what do you need to do today to make sure it happens? If you envision YOU @ 90 as spry, that means she (the future you!) has been taking care of herself. Today (and hopefully before today)!

A little pain for a lot of gain!

What did the future 90-year old YOU do to get there? How often did she move her body? What did she eat? How did she stay connected to family and friends? Did she live with a purpose? Has she been wise with her finances?

Visualize you @ 90 and start making it happen today!

It’s really pretty simple. Do things today, that you need to do, to have what you want in the future. 

But what’s hard is sticking to it!!!

I often use this visualization exercise when I’m procrastinating about doing my yoga or other fitness activities. I take a breath, visualize the vibrant upright 90-year-old me. And I remind myself that “she” didn’t just happen. “She” was created via all of the wellness baby steps taken along the way! 

Looking into the future is a fun exercise. Not only for yourself. Try it with your grandchildren and friends. It’s a great way to cement what needs to happen today for what you want in what seems like a very distant tomorrow!  

As you can see, it’s way more than a New Years resolution: It’s a go big or go home thing! Take charge of you today…for tomorrow!