If you want an ice-breaker and to make a statement, wear a hat! We love glam, wine and little furries so jumped at the chance to attend an annual fundraiser for the Sarasota Humane Society. With a name like Faux Paws on the Catwalk, we knew it’d be fun.

I mean, who gets dressed up in black tie attire in the middle of the day? 

We do!! 

Top of the afternoon to ya!!

A request was to dress over the top – so we decided to dress our tops….tops of our heads that is!

Wearing hats made it a bit more fun. It was like icing on the proverbial cake. It was just a little extra sweetness that put a smile on peoples’ faces. 

Honestly, we didn’t realize hats could be a conversation starter: “You guys look so cute in your hats?” “Love the hats!” “A hat…what a great idea!” 

Plus, something about wearing the hat, made us feel like we were in costume…and you know how we love costumes! Oh…and did we mention, we didn’t have to worry about having a bad hair day!

So whether it’s to a black tie event or just to the library, wear a hat!

Melinda & Mare