Trying to up your “sexy” as you age can feel daunting. No matter how much you love and accept your years, hanging skin, extra pounds, wrinkles, cellulite, all natural parts of aging, can still take their toll on your self-esteem and overall attitude. One solution: Bring FISHNETS back!

I know it might sound crazy, but I used to love the look of women wearing black fishnet stockings with or without the seam running up the back. Who says you can’t rock fishnets, even if you are over 60?  

They don’t have to be the dramatic black ones either. As an occasional ballroom dancer I bought a pair of flesh tone fishnets to wear with an outfit. 

Can you even tell they’re fishnets?!

What quickly became apparent was how much better the skin on my legs looked. And, I didn’t have to do endless body brushing. The fishnet stockings actually camouflaged all the imperfections on my derrière and thighs! 

Ah ha! That’s why dancers wear these amazing “tights”…

Added bonus, they are outrageously inexpensive! This three pack on Amazon was less than $10.  Note: The tighter the weave the more slimmifying! 

Cheap thrills!

What fun! 

Surprise your guy (and yourself) by wearing a pair soon. And who cares if they are or aren’t in style? You’ll probably never make it out of the house…wink, wink!

You are never too old to have fun with your style . . .