You know, those t-shirts with sayings printed on the front or back with silly, funny, inspirational, or sarcastic expressions. Self-expression t-shirts can tell you a lot about the wearer, can’t they? 

My hubby loves wearing t-shirts with sayings on them. He gets them as “schwag” at tech conferences, and they usually say something clever in geek speak. Wearing them, puts a huge smile on his face and garners smiles from like-minded people.

Frankly, I’ve never been a personal fan, feeling self-expression t-shirts are not stylish enough and more suitable for younger folks.

Trying to be a bit more open-minded, I’m thinking about (and doing) a lot of things differently.

T-shirts with sayings — says things that we feel.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the need for a little self-expression. Inspired by my book club friend Holly, I bought this self-expression t-shirt. 

T-shirts with sayings
Puts a smile on my face…and hopefully on others’ too!

Last week, I wore it to the grocery store—and it made people smile. A few told me, they loved my t-shirt. It was a dose of free fun!

Sometimes I have to remember there are no age rules, especially here at FunLifeTwists! I can wear fun T-shirts if I want! And if I want to step up the style, I can wear ‘em with my favorite jeans, a cute jacket, and my leopard sneakers.

You are never too old to express yourself by wearing words . . . 


BTW, my fabulously fun niece Allison (and the inspo for this post) loves them, too! Just seeing this make me giggle!

Self-expression t-shirt
Sarcasm…with a dose of fun